Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lollipop Lips Trend.. Love it or Hate it?

What is this “Lollipop Lips” trend? I was scrolling through my Instagram feed a few days ago and on the @maccosmetics Instagram, there was an image of this alleged trend. It looks like a very messy way to put on lipstick and I am here to say I am not a fan. From the image I saw, it looked like very glossy lips that are smudged around the lips and I am confused. For the longest time, we strived to have perfectly in the line lipstick. And now??? MAC, one of the biggest names in makeup is promoting this new trend? I am not the only makeup fan opposed to this look. Many people reposted the image of “Lollipop Lips” and questioned how this is a new fashion statement.

I am unsure of whether or not this will actually become popular. I personally do not wear a lot of lipstick in general so I never really followed up on lipstick trends. The only lip trend occurring now that I am familiar with is the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. This trend swept the nation! Kylie Jenner is a very big celebrity in our media currently and she created her own liquid lipstick line. Teenage girls went absolutely crazy and all beauty gurus jumped on this trend because Kylie has been seen as a big name in fashion and makeup. I liked the products she was selling but I can not say the same for the “lollipop Lips” trend.

New fashion statements are always weird at first because they are new to us. I am curious to see if this is accepted by our media or rejected. Maybe we will all grow to love this weird new trend? Or will we all immediately hate it? I am excited to see how other big names in makeup react to this. I am eager to find out if any makeup artists I admire coincide with this trend. Personally, I do not like what I have seen so far from “Lollipop Lips” but I am willing to give it a chance and see what else it has in store. That’s all I have to say! Thanks for reading my blog!

Benefit Brow Product: Gimme Brow

The "Gimme Brow" product by Benefit Cosmetics works wonders! I began using this product last year after I received it in a Birchbox. A Birchbox is a box of beauty products you get in the mail every month if you have a subscription to the company. I only had a sampler size of this product but I started trying it out and I loved it! It transformed my skimpy little brows to full arched brows in a matter of seconds. I was more confident in the way my brows looked. Once I ran out of my smaller size, my mom took me to Ulta and I bought the real size. For Christmas, I asked for numerous of other brow products from Benefit because I had seen how well this product worked for me.

“Gimme Brow” is sold as "Volumizing Fiber Gel". Basically what this product is made up of is tiny fibers that you put on your brows to fill in the patchy light areas. It is sold in three shades. 1 being the lightest and 3 being the darkest. I personally am a 3 and it is dark enough for my eyebrow shade. My mom also uses this product in shade 1. She loves it because she has light brows and this shade is not too dark for her.

It is sold for $24.00 in a 0.1oz silver bottle. It is actually quite pricey for the amount of product you get. But I do say that it is totally worth it. It has worked wonders for my brows and I am so happy that I invested in it. It also lasts a while and you` don't need to constantly buy more. The packaging is very cute along with all other items made by Benefit. Benefit always has good quality products so I am not surprised that this is an award-winning brow fiber gel. Benefit Cosmetics is by far one of my favorite makeup brands.

Overall, I 10/10 recommend this product! It is expensive for the size of the product, but despite that, it is amaaaazing. If you struggle with thin, patchy brows, then this is just the product for you. In fact, Benefit came out with a whole new line of eyebrow products and I would check those out as well. Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Beginner Bella

Hello! I am Bella Kubach and I am a 14 year old girl who is very interested in makeup. I initially became fascinated by makeup because my mom had been a makeup artist at a young age. She always showed me her makeup collection and how to apply everything. I started wearing makeup in about 7th grade but I only wore a small amount. As 8th grade came along I gradually became more interested in my skills on doing makeup. I experimented with eyeshadow, eyeliner, and even contouring. I did not have good makeup yet but it was fun to try out different techniques. I even tried out different things on my sister's face. By the summer going in to 9th grade, I was still not so great at makeup. I wanted to buy nicer makeup so I could get better. I saved up to get some new makeup. Then, I watched youtube videos on all sorts of different techniques to blend foundation, wing eyeliner, highlight cheekbones, etc. When 9th grade started, I was pretty good at makeup. My mom, sister, and even some of my friends were asking me to do their makeup. I am only 14 so I have a lot more to learn about this subject but I think I am off to the right start.